Project Photo Page

Table of Project "Before" Photos-08/03/14
Description of Photograph Link
Shot of aircraft on display - forward, port quarter IMG_1712.JPG
Nose, stbd side IMG_1713.JPG
Nose and forward section-stbd side IMG_1714.JPG
Nose chin dome,Vulcan, nose gear (including launch bar) - port side IMG_1715.JPG
Nose gear and launch bar - port side IMG_1716.JPG
Nose, chin, forward canopy - port side IMG_1717.JPG
Mid nose and canopy - port side IMG_1718.JPG
Left intake and wing root - port side IMG_1719.JPG
Interior port intake IMG_1720.JPG
Belly and underside of stbd intake from port intake IMG_1721.JPG
Belly forward of stbd intake from port intake IMG_1722.JPG
Port glove vane area IMG_1723.JPG
Port wheel well-forward IMG_1724.JPG
Upper port wheel well IMG_1725.JPG
Rear inboard port wheel well IMG_1726.JPG
Port mainmount strut area IMG_1727.JPG
Port mainmount and wheel IMG_1728.JPG
Port mainmount inner door IMG_1729.JPG
Port wingjoint area IMG_1730.JPG
Port mid-wing IMG_1731.JPG
Port mid to aft wing and horizontal port stab IMG_1732.JPG
Port wing tip and horizontal stab IMG_1733.JPG
Port landing gear doors and intake side IMG_1734.JPG
Port mainmount door, strut, NASA air intake IMG_1735.JPG
Port wheel IMG_1736.JPG
Port ventral fin area IMG_1737.JPG
Port ventral fin rear, BU No, engine tailfeather area IMG_1740.JPG
Port horizontal stab, vertical stab, left engine exhaust IMG_1741.JPG
Belly shot from rear, interior tunnel area IMG_1742.JPG
Tailhook and chaff/flare bucket area IMG_1743.JPG
Port vertical stab stb side IMG_1744.JPG
Port vertical stab and top of port engine IMG_1745.JPG
Turtleback, port side, looking forward IMG_1746.JPG
Turtleback, middle, looking forward IMG_1747.JPG
Turtlebaack, stbd side, looking forward IMG_1748.JPG
Stbd vertical stab, bottom, and stbd engine top IMG_1749.JPG
Stbd vertical stab, port side IMG_1750.JPG
Stbd vertical stab, and stbd engine tail stbd side IMG_1752.JPG
Stbd engine, bottom, Bu No, ventral fin, stbd mainmount IMG_1753.JPG
Stbd horizontal stab, top IMG_1758.JPG
Stbd horizontal stab, stbd engine rear, ventral fina IMG_1759.JPG
Stbd wingtip, bottom IMG_1760.JPG
Stbd form lights, ventral fin, engine area, Bu No IMG_1761.JPG
Stbd mainmount forward to stb nose gear IMG_1763.JPG
Stbd wing, forward, bottom IMG_1764.JPG
Stbd wing leading edge, mid section IMG_1765.JPG
Stbd wing underpanel IMG_1766.JPG
Stbd mainmount strut, rear IMG_1767.JPG
Stbd wheel, rear IMG_1768.JPG
Stbd wheel well, forward IMG_1769.JPG
Stbd wheel and strut, close up, front IMG_1770.JPG
Stbd strut, mid-section IMG_1771.JPG
Stbd gove vane IMG_1772.JPG
Stbd anti smash area IMG_1773.JPG
Stbd fuselage at wheelwell junction IMG_1774.JPG
Stbd wheel well, forward, looking back IMG_1775.JPG
Stbd intake IMG_1776.JPG
Stbd intake ramp area IMG_1777.JPG
Stbd intake lower IMG_1778.JPG
Canopy and fuselage at stbd intake IMG_1779.JPG
Stbd canopy, middle IMG_1780.JPG
Stbd canopy, forward IMG_1781.JPG
Stbd nose, looking forward IMG_1782.JPG
Stbd nose, middle IMG_1783.JPG
Stbd nose close up, showing paint peeling IMG_1784.JPG
Nose wheel well and strut IMG_1785.JPG

Working Party 10/3/2014

Description of Photograph Link
James and Chris surveying turtleback IMG_0405.jpg
Close -up of Port Vertical Tail Corrosion IMG_0406.jpg
Dan, James, and Chris inspecting port horizontal stab actuactor IMG_0414.jpg
Andy's Ride IMG_0415.jpg
Dan working the corroded lower speedbrake panel IMG_0417.jpg
Close - up of corroded speedbrake panel IMG_0418.jpg
Andy's Ride (long shot) IMG_0419.jpg
Turtleback (before sanding) IMG_0423.jpg
Turtleback showing wet area at vertical tail bottom IMG_0424.jpg
Dan and the Lift IMG_0425.jpg
NO STEP spoiler text (discovered after sanding-painted over) IMG_0426.jpg

Working Party 10/10/14

Description of Photograph
Refueling Door Repair fuelportdoor101114.jpg
Nose repair work (first shot) nosework1-101114.jpg
Nose repair work (second shot) nosework2-101114.jpg
Stbd air inlet ramp door repair rampdoor-101114.jpg

Working Party 10/25/14

Description of Photograph Link
Dan and Adam preparing to attempt opening the canopy. IMG_0471.jpg
Canopy opening valve jury-rig IMG_0472.jpg
Canopy in open position #1 IMG_0473.jpg
Canopy in open position #2 IMG_0474.jpg
Dan and Adam surveying the seats after opening the canopy IMG_0475.jpg
Starboard RIO panel showing missing panels IMG_0478.jpg
Dan Gibson in the RIO's seat IMG_0482.jpg
RIO instrument panels after being pulled from aircraft RIOpanelbefore.jpg
RIO instrument panels after being re-worked but before painting RIOpanelafter.jpg
Adam in the pilot's seat and Andy in the RIO's seat AdamandAndy.jpg

Working Party Photos 11/08/14 thru 12/21/14


Glamour Shots

102 In Flight

102 Rolling In

102 in transit (to East Coast Vinson deployment)

VF-51 CV-70 first deployment aircrew (with 102 in the background)

Alert Hero Shot (1981 Kitty Hawk cruise but shows ejection seat triangles)

CV-70 Fly-off (end of Around The World Cruise)